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The GCCNET is a single ATM network linking all the GCC National Switches. It offers numerous features, kept with standards of similar International Networks.A notable aspect is the availability of this ATM switching facility at a reasonable fee. Further, it decreased the margin of exchange rates between the GCC currencies, account settlement between the member countries are conducted in those countries' own currency, without the need for opening a non-GCC currency account.

SPAN "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

The Saudi Payments Network (SPAN) is the National ATM and Points of Sale network connecting all Saudi banks and providing a common service point to the Kingdom. In 1990, SPAN became operational. The objectives of establishing the SPAN network have been very significant for the Saudi banking sector. Firstly, SPAN aimed to encourage Saudi citizens and foreign a residents to utilize the banking system. This includes electronic access to their funds at remote locations thereby reducing the bank notes in circulation. The network has facilitated transaction availability regardless of terminal ownership. Also, the movement toward electronic transactions has reduced the overall demand for bank notes and increased the uptake in banking facilities, and this has led directly to increased deposits. SPAN has increased the efficiency in the banking sector by avoiding ineffective competition at the transaction delivery points.

Since the launch of SPAN, it has become increasingly obvious that its initial objective has been accomplished. For instance, the total number of transactions, SPAN cards, Points of Sale terminals and ATMs has been increasing on an annual basis. The user community, including both citizens and residents, has come to rely on SPAN services. This reliance doubles the responsibilities of the banking system to provide the highest levels of support to the public users of the entire SPAN network.

SPAN provides other banking services as well. These include the support of international association transactions, such as Visa and MasterCard, originating either within or outside the Kingdom . SPAN has direct connections to these associations and provides that connectivity in a pass-through mode to the Saudi Banks. This support includes a full range of credit and debit card transactions at both ATM and Point of Sale terminals.

The fees structure:

Transaction Type SAMA
(Processing cost)
GCC acquirer
Saudi Issuer
SAR1.00 credit
SAR5.00 credit
SAR4.00 credit
Balance enquiry
SAR0.50 credit
SAR2.50 credit
SAR2.00 credit

Cash withdrawal : a Total of SAR10.00 will debited for the Customer account

Balance Inquiry : a Total of SAR5.00 will debited for the Customer account

Number of ATMs:

The total number of ATMs install for all Saudi Banks have reached to 3275 as of the end of May,2003.

For more details you can visit the following URL: http://www.sama.gov.sa