Welcome to GCCNET

The GCCNET is a single ATM network linking all the GCC National Switches. It offers numerous features, kept with standards of similar International Networks.A notable aspect is the availability of this ATM switching facility at a reasonable fee. Further, it decreased the margin of exchange rates between the GCC currencies, account settlement between the member countries are conducted in those countries' own currency, without the need for opening a non-GCC currency account.

NAPS "Qatar"

NAPS is intended to provide for the interchange of retail payment transactions between the host systems of all banks in Qatar and to provide a gateway to other such switches within the gulf region.

NAPS will process transactions based on debit cards, which have been issued locally within Qatar.

NAPS will provide for the switching of ATM/POS transactions and will expand its functions to include stand –in transaction authorization for those banks that may require such service. NAPS will provide interfaces to other switches within the Gulf region in the near future. Initially, no self-service devices will attach directly to NAPS.

Interfaces to VISA and MasterCard or similar will not be provided by NAPS. These interfaces will be the responsibility of the individual member banks. However VISA and MasterCard or similar transactions will be routed via NAPS where member banks have agreement with such card networks.

The Switch will be identified by unique mark, or logo, to be defined by QCB.

The fees structure:

Transaction Type Acquirer NAPS NAPS Issuer
Bank Maximum
- 6
Balance enquiry
- 3

Banks may or may not burden the transaction fees onto the Customers, with the maximum.

Number of ATMs:

There are about 278 ATMs linked to the NAPS.

For more details you can visit the following URL: http://www.qcb.gov.qa/pages/English_Site/Naps.html